Researcher Sustainable Tourism Challenge Zambia

Bedrijf:7Senses Sustainable Tourism Challenge
Invoerdatum:donderdag 21 december 2017
Vervaldatum:woensdag 31 januari 2018
Korte omschrijving bedrijf:7Senses vision is a world where people are empowered to tackle community issues and wicked problems amongst themselves, independently from traditional forms of western aid.
Korte omschrijving vacature:For 12 weeks, March/April/May 2018, you will be part of a multidisciplinary research team to conduct Participatory Action Research (PAR) in Mfuwe Zambia. PAR does not offer the solution but creates a platform for all involved to come together and think about the root causes of the problem and possible solutions that can be put into action. As a PAR-researcher you facilitate in this process by offering different creative methods that triggers stakeholders to think outside the box and look at the situation from different angles. The outcome of this process is an action plan that benefits everyone.
In the first weeks, you will be offered a couple of workshops in research design, data gathering and data analyses within Participatory Action Research. These workshops allow you to be involved in the designing process and to look at how we can incorporate your personal developing goals or specific requirements set for your study program requirements.
  • HBO or Master educational level
  • Interested in Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Wanting to learn about Participatory Action Research
  • Grow into a professional PAR researcher
  • Availability for Participatory Action Research in Mfuwe Zambia for 12 weeks, March/April/May 2018
  • English proficiency
  • Genuine commitment and motivation
  • Positive-minded and pro-active,
  • Flexibility, cultural-awareness and social skills
  • Not afraid to step out of your comfort zone and live and work in a development country
  • Open for personal development goals
  • Teamplayer, knows how to work closely together in a research team
  • Presence at all 7Senses trainings (three days) in the Netherlands and four 7Senses workshops organised for you on location in Zambia
  • To be prepared to take responsibility of your own safety and follow all the precautionary rules and guidelines that are handed to you
  • And dedicated to make the Sustainable Tourism Challenge a great success
  • Don't forget: fun and a good sense of humour!
Ons aanbod:
  • Be Part of the Research team that will conduct the Participatory Action Research The Sustainable Tourism Challenge in Zambia in the beginning of 2018
  • Get involved in the movement of Participatory Action Research, learn all about this research method and become a professional PAR researcher.
  • You get the opportunity to do innovative research, using creative data collection methods, that creates impact by workable solutions. So no nonsense: you are truly contributing to a better world!
  • You will be exposed to a different culture and language in a way that few tourists or even researchers get to experience.
  • There will be expert guidance throughout this is a real opportunity to learn about yourself in a new setting and to accomplish your personal goals.
  • A personal strategy session before departure
  • A preparatory E-course with training videos recorded in the slums of Kampala by 7Senses
  • 3 training days in The Netherlands
  • 4 workshops in Zambia
  • 3 intervision meetings in Zambia
  • 12 individual guidance sessions with the Challenge Supervisor, of each 30-60 minutes in Zambia
  • 3 Skype - guidance sessions with Madelon Eelderink, founder of 7Senses and initiator of the 7Senses Challenge
  • A 7Senses Certificate.
  • Become a member of the 7Senses network a young and energetic team of professionals working on Sustainable Development throughout the world!
  • Not to forget: a beautiful, non-materialistic experience you take along for the rest of your life!
Reageren?:Make sure to apply as soon as possible since there are just 4 places available!
Send your motivation letter to the Coordinator of the Sustainable Tourism Challenge Geertje Lavrijssen - email or apply at .
As soon as we receive your application, we will contact you and let you know whether you are invited for an interview and plan an appointment!
Meer informatie:Go for more information to: and the challenge page or check out our crowdfunding page at the 1%Club and read the project info For more information about 7Senses visit our website  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Sustainable Tourism Challenge. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact Geertje Lavrijssen, Challenge Coordinator, email: or via phone +316-24595858
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